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1. Lambo 4.0 Body - 1 pc
2. 18650 Battery - 2 pcs
3. 510 atomizer - 1 pc
4. Stainless steel drip tip - 1 pc
5. Charger Set- 1 pc
6. User manual - 1 pc
7. Ego Bag (size S) - 1 pc
8. Vivi Nova Clearomizer V3 - 1 pc [Free]

Detailed Product Description

New type can check the resistances.
variable voltage from 3.0-6.0v
atomizers in 1ohm to 5ohm can be checked
1.Can check the resistances ,show the resistances numbers onLED screen.
2.Accessories from 1 ohm to 5 ohm can be checked .
3.Can use with protected batteries and unprotected batteries.
4.New designed body with chrome outside.
5.variable voltage from3.0-6.0v;
6.control the smoke volume by adjusting the voltage;
7.510 adapter can fit with clearomizers.stormizers. and many other accessories.

Feature :
1. Chrome material .
2. with variable working volt from 3.0-6.0v .
3. be compatible with 510 , ego, ego-t, ego-c series directly .
4. big capacity of battery : 1800mah .
5. voltage of inner battery can be checked .
6. low voltage protected .
7. short circuit protected .

How to operate :
1. The power lock button : Press this for 5 seconds to turn on the device and again for
5 seconds to turn off the device . This will disable the main user power button . .
2. Decreasing the voltage (-button) : Press this button to decrease the voltage by 0.1 volt
    increments in the digital display  once the voltage display  reaches 3.0 volt the
   display will cycle back to 6.0 volts .
3. Increasing the voltage (+button) : Press this button to increase the voltage by 0.1 volt
    increments in the digital display  once the voltage display reaches 6.0 volt the
    display will cycle back to 3.0 volts .
4. The user power  button : Once button 1 . As been enabled , you can use this button to
     power the fitted atomizer .

Safety system:
1,super low quiescent current protection
2,Reverse battery protection
3,over-current protection
4,short circuit/atomizer protection
5,warning against low voltage
6,vent hole get rid of discharge

The Lambo 4.0 body unit, Battery, Charger set will include 3 Months. Limited Warranty against any manufacturing
defects from the date of delivery. Scratches and discoloration are considered normal wear and tear and is not
covered by warranty. All clearomizer/atomizer type not include the warranty.